Stock Trading Academy is an online education course to teach you about trading on the stock market

The course was designed by Professionals from the Capital Markets industry.

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The course is currently under restructuring and will be available in July 2018. If you are interested in staying on top of the course information, please fill out this information


High SchoolCollege/Cegep (or grade 12/13)UniversityOther

Sophisticated: I am a sophisticated trader and/or investor and have extensive experience with a wide variety of products and strategies.Good: I have good knowledge of trading and/or investing and have moderate experience with different types of products and strategies.Limited: I understand the basics of investing and have limited experience with different types of products and strategies.Novice: I have no trading and/or investing experience.

Gain real world experience in financial marketsUnderstand market dynamics to manage my own money more effectivelyExpand my knowledge to eventual gain full-time employment as a TraderOther

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