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“The trading course provided me with a strong framework for generating trading ideas with favorable risk/reward characteristics. It has led me to an exciting trading career, one which allows me to continuously improve and expand my trading strategies. Being constantly challenged and having the opportunity to learn and improve is what I like most about trading. The trading course and trading in general is a great fit for those who are naturally curious and competitive. Additionally, trading allows for degree of freedom not found in most jobs. Once proven to be consistently profitable, traders are given a large degree of autonomy when selecting and executing strategies.” – Scott, Fall 2013 Course
“Le cours de Stock Trading Academy est un cours condensé et bien équilibré. Personnellement j’avais une connaissance très limitée du marché financier et le trading. Ce cours m’a donné les outils nécessaires pour mieux le comprendre parce qu’il touche tous les points importants passant du but du marché aux enchères (auction market), les principales législations aux différentes bases de stratégies de trading.”   — Valentin, Winter 2015 course
“The STA Trading Course provided me with professional training and knowledge that was crucial in understanding what it means to be a high-frequency trader. The biggest difference between a typical finance course and this course is that the professors are full-time career traders, not just academics. Having interactive lectures with traders who have just finished a day of trading provided an incredibly unique experience—because we were able to discuss trades and strategies made that day, and how various market movements affected the results. The simulator that used live market data was an extremely useful learning tool to hone my trading skills in a risk-free environment, to ensure my preparation for the real environment. Having been through university-level finance, I found this course to be very practical, not only in the material but in having active traders as your instructors.”   — Nathan, Fall 2013 course